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HLK sector

Extract from HPD & MC quarterly housing efficiency survey, Service Firm Vermilion_Developments, File HE 878/225-3M:

"The HLK sector has the second highest projected average accommodation allotment for citizens of RED clearance and above. At the same time, the sector seems to suffer from abnormally high absentee ratio among its workforce. These two issues are clearly linked, so the recommendation is to reduce the assigned accommodation space in the sector by 48,45 %. The move should increase task participation by no less than 12.67 %. "

I run across this report while sifting through the ToothpasteRebellion after-action reports. Apart from the typically moronic suggestions, the survey is indicative of a serious breach of security in the Armed Forces services. The personnel requisition and transfer records for HLK Sector are classified VIOLET for a reason. As my esteemed colleagues are undoubtedly aware, the Armed Services has been using HLK sector as an experimental facility, so the turnover of personnel is expectedly high. I would suggest that Vermilion_Developments should be placed under close scrutiny.

It seems that HLK sector was only peripherally involved in the Toothpaste_Disaster. The Exercise_Pills incident does point out that there are subversive elements operating within the sector - the "accidental delivery" of Exercise_Pills occurred almost three full daycycles ahead of schedule. However I'm pleased to report that the follow-up project is proceeding at gratifying speed. The color-coding of the excessive muscle tissue is very nearly complete.

--- Enkid-U-RUK-4

Refs: ToothpasteRebellion, Exercise_Pills, Vermilion_Developments


Any word on the follow-up project? The whole notion of color-coded muscle tissue is strangely titillating.

-- Jan-U-ARY-31

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