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Since a smiling clone is a happy clone and vice versa, it was determined that as poor dental health can reduce smiling by up to 45%, the promotion of dental and oral health and hygiene was a worthwhile goal. (For much of his career, BRUSH-U-TTH has been at the scrubbing tip of Friend Computer's initiatives in this direction). In order to systematize and analyze advances (and traitor-induced setbacks) in the general oral condition of Alpha Complex clones, Baseline_Dental_Health, defined as the dental health of a newly dispatched, non-mutant clone, was determined.

Three values go into the assessment of a clone's Dental Health, and their deviation from Baseline Dental Health:

1: Cleanliness. Primarily negatively impacted by Algae residue and tartar grown thereon.

2: Alignment. Although some clones are activated with deficient structure, Friend Computer has almost entirely weeded out such genetic abnormalities, and any remaining are clearly due to stubborn genomes and will be soon remedied. Trauma, however, can lead to permanent damage and misalignment.

3: Decay. Primarily increased as a secondary effect of negative increases in 1, or as a primary effect of overconsumption of Bouncy Bubble Beverage (a deficiency that was to be remedied with the introduction of B4).

For the correction of clones with Dental Health Values less than the Baseline, Denta-Bots were created, designed and programmed for cleaning, cavity filling, and radical orthodontics and oral surgery, should the need arise. As prophylaxis for corrected clones, or clones whose Dental Health was acceptably at or near the Baseline, Toothpasty_Supplement_#5 was created, containing Beta-Toxsystene to improve cleanliness and Omega-Hybrizine for disinfection, as well as other ingredients for the oral health and well being of the user.


Refs: Algae, B4, Denta-Bots, Beta-Toxsystene, Omega-Hybrizine, Toothpasty_Supplement_#5


Any truth to the rumors about open war in TTH sector between rival Orthodontic Service Firms regarding potential changes to the Baseline Dental Health standards?

-- Jan-U-ARY-31

2013-06-13 13:52