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Self-Destruct Sequence

A Self-Destruct Sequence (SDS) is a standard feature of all Alpha Complex data storage and communications equipment. An SDS is designed to prevent important data from being accessed by traitors. Additionally, most potentially dangerous technological devices have a Self-Destruct Sequence to prevent undue harm to Alpha Complex assets.

Each SDS can be activated by trained users with proper security clearance, while highly sensitive equipment may self-destruct if an unauthorized user tries to operate it. Users with appropriate security clearance can reverse an activated SDS. To prevent wasteful and frivolous use of the procedure, the deactivation of a given Self-Destruct Sequence is generally set at least one security clearance level higher than the activation code.

Most Self-Destruct Sequences are designed to render the equipment or data permanently unusable, but a significant number are also designed to disable the unauthorized user. Generally an SDS features a timer function (standard setting 30 seconds). To limit unnecessary and traitorous abuse of this feature, a small percentage of SDS timers are programmed to random settings. ("JokerChip" in R&D parlance).

During the Toothpaste Disaster, the number of Self-Destruct Systems activated per daycycle was 26.896 % higher than long-term averages. Of the activated SDS procedures, 28.39 % were designed by Syntelligent_Systems. The actual number is expected to rise, since 18.71 % of traffic control systems in the sectors affected by the disaster are Syntelligent Systems Stealth Self-Destruction Sequences, which do not notify the activation of the sequence to their controllers.

Refs: Syntelligent_Systems

-- Enkid-U-RUK-4


It's a little known defect that some SDS hardware spontaneously explodes if its "bumped" in the right way. You can't believe how safe I feel knowing that my terminal will blow up if I punch it just right!

"Self-defense" my ass.

-- Drake-U-LAH-4

Equipping your ass with a self-destruct device is not advisable.

-- Err-U-DYT-9

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