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Rose-Tinted Macro-Goggles

Rose-Tinted Macro-Goggles were the brainchild of the gifted supervisor Jen-I-COL-3. The original design specifications called for a "biofeedback-based visual augmentation device with mood enhancing properties". The goggles monitor the physiological state of the wearer, and when stress indicators reach a threshold level, the image manipulation software of the device projects a soothing rose-tinted overlay on the lenses.

The goal was to produce an alternative to chemical mood enhancers. While efficient and highly cost-effective, chemical mood enhancers have several drawbacks, particularly in highly sensitive situations requiring extreme precision and concentration. In field-testing, Troubleshooters equipped with Rose-Tinted Macro-Goggles had a 21.67 % higher mission satisfaction index than team members using standard mood enhancers.

The fatality rate of goggle-using troubleshooters was 38.43 % higher than average, and a suspiciously high percentage of experimental units were reported destroyed and lost. Several secret societies were very interested in getting hold of this equipment. There are rumors that viewing old episodes of Best_Good_Happy_Sector_Hour through Rose-Tinted Macro-Goggles produces highly unpredictable psychological effects, and possibly spontaneous extreme mutations.

The latest model of Rose-Tinted Macro-Goggles was developed to Armed Forces specifications. In addition to standard features, the model includes low-light and thermal capability. A special image enhancement program has state-of-the-art threat evaluation features for rapid target acquisition. The first field use of the military model was during the COL_gate_incident. The experiment can be classified as a qualified success, since the target, Billy-BOB-3 was terminated with precision, and the threat evaluation program flawlessly identified the most dangerous individuals on the scene. The unfortunate side effect was that 14 of the 24 snipers were eliminated in the exchange.

Refs: Best_Good_Happy_Sector_Hour, COL_gate_incident, Jen-I-COL-3

-- Enkid-U-RUK-4


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