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Old Reckoning Video Entertainment Archive #949/GAG

Old Reckoning Video Entertainment Archive #949/GAG is a set of ten videotapes retrieved from the Outdoors by Vulture_Squadron_Bravo_9 three years ago. According to the mission reports, they ended up lost due to the excessive usage of one member's tacnuke shells (apparently provided by the Alpha_Complex_Rifle_Association_(ACRA)) putting off their compasses for a couple of days. They took shelter in an ancient dwelling, finding these records in a lower level sleeping quarters.

The tapes were on a variety of topics, all dealing (naturally) with Old Reckoning people and places. The videos are listed below with the most appropriate to this inquiry listed first.

Two things became clean from viewing this archive. First, that the ChatterBots did indeed seem to be inspired by this archive, and possibly the Denta-Bots from there, given the noted similarities. Second, someone is now trying to kill me (and succeeding at least three times). Perhaps it's the same one everyone else is worried about -- watch your backs!

Refs: Alpha_Complex_Rifle_Association_(ACRA), Denta-Bots, GeneScan_Image, KorDrill7, VPR_Sector, Vulture_Squadron_Bravo_9

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-- Paul-U-LEG-9


These attacks seem awfully specific to your access of the Archive. I wonder if we've got a band of overly-aggressive Romantics getting involved here? A lot of the ItemsInQuestion would be of interest to them, as well, I'm sure. It was during my predecessor's research leading up to what would have been his entry on the Items that he got killed; perhaps they kidnapped him, believing he could lead them to one or more of the Items, and when he couldn't, they killed him?

I've heard about this "Red Dawn" vid; apparently, the protagonists don't actually defeat the Communist threat in the end? Sounds like something nobody needs to see. Sometimes we forget that even the Old Reckoning vid-makers produced a failure once in a while.

And "Office Space", I must say, baffles me. Why isn't the protagonist simply executed for his behavior? Does he have a mutant power that clouds the minds of everyone else or something? And they take that poor facsimile device out and beat it with sticks... Why doesn't it defend itself with lasers and poison gas? Did fascimile machines not always protect themselves from angry users?

-- Knok-U-OUT-6

I don't know about the rest, and especially not about the ending of "Red Dawn" -- that was Paul-U-LEG-5. Perhaps it's true, but I'm not going to watch the thing to find out.

-- Paul-U-LEG-9

One problem: ORVEA #949/GAG appears as an original component of the Gatzmann_Archives. Has someone modified the table of contents for the Gatzmann_Archives, or was it stolen at some point? If the latter, who might have stolen it and left it in the Outdoors? Or has Vulture_Squadron_Bravo_9 been misusing their authority?

-- Jan-U-ARY-31

Can someone upload these files to my personal network? I need to...ummm...do some research.

-- Brush-U-TTH-33

To Jan-U: Interesting. It appears that the Archive my predecessors and I researched is a duplicate of a similar Gatzmann_Archives file. The confusion in that case is understandable. After all, even the Old Reckoning had mass production. I think we need to make sure that whoever is in charge of these things is labelling the archives properly. After all, we already know what happened to Developing_A_Better_Complex. Except for the "homemade" ones, of course, which is curious... To Brush-U: They're available to the panel, of course. Just try not to wear out tape six.

-- Paul-U-LEG-9


2013-06-13 13:58