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Nuclear Facility RON-372/ B

Technical Specifications


BrightHappyComplex class nuclear fission reactor

Fuel Source

Enriched Uranium

Coolant System

Liquid Sodium Coolant Loop

Power Output


Shielding Efficiency


Waste Output

340 Tonne per yearcycle

Operating staff

247 Personnel

Minimum Operationl Clearance


Maximum Cohabitation Clearance







RON Sector

Nuclear Facility RON-372/B operated successfully for over 60 years. Ordered decomissioned due to possible sabotage in the wake of the Four_Reactor_Foam_Flood, it was shut down during the first week-cycles of the Toothpaste Disaster. along with all other reactors of it's class in the effected sectors. Nuclear Facility RON-372/B was the eighth reactor to be decomissioned, out of 18 effected reactors. During the six week-cycle period between the Foam Flood and the reactors decomissioning date, Active_Waste_Management was employed to help compensate for the reactors post-flood efficiency reduction.

Nuclear Facility RON-372/B has experienced a number of mysterious events:

  1. Confessions by captured members of the Psion secret society indicate that the radioactive materials are being used in experiments to cause controllable spontaneous mutation. Transcripts for captured bot-brains and human co-conspirators belonging to Corpore Metal indicate that the materials will be used to power the micropiles of rogue bots. Interrogation of a captured, rogue Robobraces bot also revealed the involvement of a highly placed Corpore Metal member, who the bot feared because they "were beyond the control of my brothers" and "far along the path to shedding their flesh in favor of machine superiority". An alert to IntSec, Armed Forces, and Troubleshooter Central has been issued to be on the lookout for any highly 'cyborged' citizens who may be involved.

  2. Transcripts from captured Denta-Bots show numerous assassinations of reactor staff in all four effected sectors, resulting in the transfer of large numbers of Robobraces dominated citizens onto the staffs of the reactors.

  3. Further inquiries into the matter indicate that the items which were being searched for were the high capacity storage device, and the contents of the Bucky-tube testtubes. There seems to be a strong belief that both were either naturally able to resist the rigours of both immersion in strong solvents and use as reactor shielding, or had been augmented in order to withstand such punishment.
  4. The origins and meaning of this nickname are unknown, but preliminary research indicates that it may have been popularized by Romantics agents.

-- Mesh-U-GNA-1

Refs: Four_Reactor_Foam_Flood; Active_Waste_Management; Action_Squad_Alpha; Demolition_Order_#32A/74-43491; Denta-Bots; Spontaneous_Mutation_Syndrome; Robobraces

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