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Naming Conventions

The full procedure for selecting a name in the modern world is laid out in the Laws_of_Alpha_Complex_ed._39/B.3.9, sections 7.2, 7.5, 7.8.2, 7.9-13, and most of 7.88-1374. As such, the procedure is far too long to be detailed in a report such as this, but can be summed up as follows.

All Alpha Complex names consist of four sections:

Numerous studies have been made into the relationship of names to a clone's future career. The latest CPU reports claim that there is a 62.87656% correlation betwen a grown clone's occupation and any associations that can be drawn from some form of their name. Explanations of this vary wildly. Some claim that a clone is subconsciously influenced by their name, and pursues interests (and develops strengths) inspired by it. Others claim Friend Computer, in its omniscient wisdom, can accurately predict a clone's future by its mere genetic code. (This leaves ambiguous the status of clones named by Clone Creche technicians, though, and is even suggestive of widespread illegal precognitive mutations in the industry.) Research continues.

But most relevantly for our purposes: for reasons as yet unknown, for a full weekcycle after the Toothpaste_Disaster, the Clone Creches in COL, LAH, MAD and RON sectors turned out Junior Citizens with defective names. Infants with names like John-Paul-George-Ringo, Tra-LAH-LAH-LAH, Wont-2-B-U-R-Lava-2, and 24-17-33-Hike have all been taken into custody pending CPU determining just what procedures are necessary to rename them; hopefully, this will be accomplished before they reach the age of majority.

COL, LAH, MAD and RON use very different Clone Creche systems and methods of naming, so investigators are, as yet, baffled as to what common cause there might be (an inescapable conclusion, given the simultaniety of it all).

-- Ken-U-RON-6

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