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Intercepted Communication ZedZed/34-Seven-Alpha-6-Six

A voice communication, intercepted and recorded by IntSec in LTR sector during the Toothpaste_Disaster. Believed related to that happening.

Male Voice: Is it ready? Did you do it?

Female Voice: As it will ever be. Sound of Explosion What in Lenin's name was that?

M: The distraction. Don't worry. It shouldn't endanger you, or it.

F: What kind of distraction is this? I can hear troops in the next corridor! This is my home, Comrade, and I never allow Vultures here. And no other UV would dare send them unless they already knew!

M: Don't call me that over an open line!

F: Oh, I should call you [unintelligible due to sound, possibly of laser fire]-H?

M: Don't be stupid. Just sit tight. I've sent a team down to HOL, and if you did your job, we'll have the KorDrill7 in just a few minutes.

F: Excellent. The Wall_Will_Fall.

M: The Wall_Will_Fall.

Rough triangulation indicates a possible origin of one of the involved transmitters in RID sector. Unfortunately, the tape is of poor enough quality that actual vocal analysis to identify the speakers seems impossible at this juncture, though Friend Computer continues to work on the problem, and time may provide an answer.

Refs: KorDrill7, Wall_Will_Fall.



I could've sworn I've heard that voice somewhere before... yes, now I remember. It's Eliza the electronic psychiatrist!


This could explain your identification problems.

-- Drake-U-LAH-1

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