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Wall Will Fall

"The Wall Will Fall!" is a recurring battle cry of Communist traitors. It has been heard intermittently for over a hundred yearcycles whenever there is a serious incident involving widespread unrest. During these outbreaks, the slogan appears as graffiti on the walls of low-clearance housing, as a crackling voice on the PA system of TubeTrain stations, or as a flashing message on hacked terminal screens. After each incident, the slogan seems to disappear, only to resurface upon the next major disruption. The Toothpaste_Disaster was no exception.

Traditionally, "the Wall" has been thought to refer to the security barrier built to divide BLN sector during the Infrared Exodus incident in CY 17. The Gatzmann_Archives are rather vague about the subject, but the Wall has attained a near-mythical status ever since. Communists and other secret societies believe that beyond the Wall lies another complex where security clearances have been abolished and YesWeHaveBananas! are in plentiful supply. The exact location of the Wall has been the object of unceasing speculation among various conspiracies and cabals.

During the Toothpaste Disaster, a group of traitors seized the KorDrill7, and tried to use it to breach Sector LOK IntSec Information Factory. The evidence is sketchy, but apparently they were convinced that the Information Factory held the secret of the hidden location of the Wall.

One less popular, but equally likely explanation of "the Wall" defines it as a metaphor for the disciplinary mechanisms of Alpha Complex. The hierarchical security clearance system can be seen in the architecture of Alpha Complex itself, canalizing the behavior of the citizens. The ubiquitous surveillance equipment creates an atmosphere where the citizens can never be sure if they are being monitored at any single moment, so they begin to police themselves. The punishments for disobedience and the rewards of compliance mask the actual weakness of the coercive power of the system. Were the Wall to fall, the system would be exposed to the masses and come crashing down. Those subscribing to the idea of the Unspeakable_Treason often hold this view.

Of course, if "the Wall" is something completely different, it may already have fallen, and the consequences will be soon felt.

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-- Enkid-U-RUK-4

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