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HPD&MC Un-Alpha Complexy Activities Committee

In order to clean up any lingering confusion created by the use of Fictional_Troubleshooter_Clearance, we at HPD&MC created the HPD&MC Un-Alpha Complexy Activities Committee, or HUACAC. HUACAC’s mandate is to investigate treason and other un-Alpha Complexy activities perpetrated by fictional characters in our vid-programming, edu-tainment, and info-ganda.

When first broadcast, the HUACAC hearings, with real clones denouncing the treasonous crimes of fictional characters, became a Complex-wide sensation. Who could have foreseen the appeal of a vid program consisting entirely of long, detailed, lurid descriptions of treason? Knowing a thing or two about catchy marketing, we quickly repackaged the hearings as HUACAC’s Thrilling Fictional Reality Show Trial Show. (Known to its devoted fans as That Show Trial Show.) After its third seasoncycle, That Show Trial Show is 87% more beloved than ever, and it has inspired a craze for more so-called “fictional programming.”

HUACAC’s Thrilling Fictional Reality Show Trial Show is both info-cational and edu-taining. In its first seasoncycle, HUACAC exposed the treachery of the diabolical (though non-existent!) WMD_(Warriors_of_Masked_Dentistry). The second seasoncycle introduced the Unspeakable_Treason, a (fictional!) crime so heinous that even knowing its true nature would be grounds for summary execution. This season made the indestructible (but probably not real!) traitor Roy-G-BIV the most hated clone in Alpha Complex.

The most recent seasoncycle of That Show Trial Show, broadcast one month before the Toothpaste Disaster, described in great detail a series of (fictional!) crimes and accidents known as “the Dentifrice Calamity.” In the wake of the Toothpaste_Disaster, some have questioned the effects of HUACAC's Thrilling Fictional Reality Show Trial Show on the clones of Alpha Complex. Rest assured that all claims that the HUACAC hearings somehow inspired or provoked “copybot” treason are entirely groundless! Each episode of That Show Trial Show began with CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS not to commit these treasonous acts at home. The few (hundred) superficial similarities between the fictional Dentifrice Calamity and the real Toothpaste Disaster must, therefore, be entirely coincidental.

-- Don-U-DON-11

Refs: Fictional_Troubleshooter_Clearance, The Unspeakable_Treason, WMD_(Warriors_of_Masked_Dentistry)


2013-06-13 13:58