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GeneScan Image

The GeneScan_Image is the basis of Alpha Complex's cloning technology. Most workers in HPD&MC, Technical Services, and R&D are at least passingly familiar with these, given their use in the clone tanks.

This system goes back to the genomes contained within the Gatzmann_Archives, incomplete and sometimes inaccurate as it is. The basis in recording these genomes was applicable to any DNA based life form, although with the average citizen the image files are far larger than those in the Archive. This is one reason that the GeneScan_Images of Alpha Complex Citizens are kept on magnetic tape, even to this day -- there is simply too much information to keep on optical media.

As an aside, some of my colleagues in R&D think that this is a possible source of the alleged Spontaneous_Mutation_Syndrome. They explain that the mass of information barely fits on a standard computer tape anyway, so the tape is run at a slower rate when recording, which causes a certain amount of distortion in the image. This is in addition to the obvious effects in later clones due to degradation of the tape itself after multiple uses (assuming the Citizen cannot afford to periodically create a copy on a fresh tape). This strikes me as borderline treasonous, given the implications against what Friend Computer created for us, but perhaps R&D can obtain funding for improved storage media anyway -- after all, if Friend Computer decides it's a good idea, it must be.

Anyway, this technology came to light recently due to the Codemonkeys project. Made from modified (mistake number one) simian images from the Gatzmann_Archives (mistake number two), the resulting animals were apparently intelligent (mistake number three) enough to create flavors outside the Thirty-one_Official_Flavors to replace the nutritional suppliment taken from them weeks previous. Regardless of any mistakes R&D may have made, though, even Circ-U-LAT agrees in his prior article that this Thirty-second_Flavor was a major catalyst of the Disaster. Clearly, the GeneScan_Images that went into creating the Codemonkeys should be examined forthwith.

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-- Paul-U-LEG-5


Regarding these so-called mistakes:

The original simian GeneScan_Image was incomplete. Therefore, it had to be modified. You wouldn't want half a monkey running around the lab, would you? (Seriously, you wouldn't - I speak from experience.) Furthermore, I make no apologies for utilizing the Gatzmann Archives. It is an invaluable resource that has inspired many brilliant innovations, and not just in my lab. As for the apparent intelligence of these creatures, I may finally have an explanation for that: Recent excavations of the demolished CRY and BBY sectors prove that someone illicitly strapped one or more of the Codemonkeys into a CyberHack_Programming_Helmet! If you're looking for something to investigate, I suggest you start there.

-- Circ-U-LAT-23

Interesting, certainly. But it would help if the tip were not anonymous. This isn't Scape-G-OAT again, is it?

-- Paul-U-LEG-5

Sorry about that! I was about to sign the above comment when a vial of Acidophizz spilled on to my data entry pad. The comment has now been signed.

-- Circ-U-LAT-23

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