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Complex Youth Guidance Program

A longstanding institution among the Junior Clones of Alpha Complex, Friend Computer’s Complex Youth Guidance Program is instrumental in cementing the social programming of the Junior Clones. The CYGP (or as it is more familiarly known among the Infrareds, The C) has a variety of "voluntary" programs teaching Junior Clones important social skills such as Following Orders and Smiling. To counter the more intimidating presence of many higher-level clones in a Junior Clone's life, The Computer introduced friendly Troubleshooter Al-B-GUD who would go on missions with Super Special Junior Clones involving Hygiene-related Activities, Reporting Suspicious Activities among others.

The C was used as part of Friend Computer's Baseline_Dental_Health promotion. ADC and Floss++ was distributed through the program along with the newest wave of Denta-Bots from COL Sector.

The CYGP is currently administered by Evere-V-ENS-6 who authorized Al-B’s deployment to VED Sector as the first reports came in of the Toothpaste Disaster, despite his Fictional_Troubleshooter_Clearance. A full report on Evere-V's role in the Disaster is forthcoming.

-- Dursch-U-WTZ-8

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The Complex Youth Guidance Program needs to concentrate on another crucial skill, Filling Out Forms Correctly. The Super Special Junior Clones have an alarmingly high termination rate due to Improper Form Filling (class 4 misdemeanor) and Improper Form Filing (class 3 misdemeanor).

-- Jan-U-ARY-31

Dursch-U-WTZ, your lack of inspection pains me. If you had just looked a bit further, as I did, you would have noticed that not only did Evere-V-ENS-6 authorize the deployment of Al-B to VED Sector, but he also authorized a group of Junior Troubleshooters to accompany him. Can you imagine how much he underestimated the Toothpaste_Disaster and put The_Children in danger?

-- Drake-U-LAH-1


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