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The primary purpose of the Y-80NT/U Commit Legal Treason Via Performance Art Form is as bait for would-be traitors seeking to exploit the exception cases regarding treason and Performance_Art - Internal Security receives copies of all such forms filed, as well as a list of all citizens who have requested the form at all. While no Y-80NT/U proper has ever been approved, 8 applicants have been deemed sufficiently treason-free that they were directed to the correct forms: Y-07NU/T: Explain Repeatedly to Angry-Looking Internal Security Officers Why You Shouldn't Be Terminated; and ZZ0543/2: Are You Prepared To Die For Your Art? These forms are much more rigorous, and a good deal longer - over 382 pages all told, including sub-forms and worksheets.

As referenced in the entry on Performance_Art, there was a massive increase in the number of Y-80NT/U filings shortly prior to the Toothpaste_Disaster. This has been traced to the offering of several Series 72-XN forms (including the Y-80NT/U) at fire-sale prices during Compulsory_Consumer_Hour, due to massive overproduction and overstock on the part of PLC. Further examination of evidence has revealed that these excess forms were tampered with during their creation - the normal receptor chemicals on the Tongueprint space were covertly replaced with Xynonull, an addictive and dangerous drug. Investigations into responsibility for both overproduction and illicit chemical distribution have yielded no hard data as to what individual, group, or groups were responsible.

A sample copy of the Form is included for reference:

Y-80NT/U Commit Legal Treason Via Performance Art Form
Ref/990294688293610221; Series 72-XN

Section 1: Personal Data



Patron (if any):

Date of last Scheduled Loyalty Evaluation:

Date of last Mutant-No-MOR treatment:

Do you consider yourself an Artist? Why or why not?

Do you expect anyone to pay you for this Art? If so, who?


Make a sketch that represents how you feel about your Art.
Use only the space provided:

Section 2: Artistic Data

Title of Performance Art:


How many citizens will it take to create this Performance Art?

[ ] Less than 2.7
[ ] More than 2.7
[ ] Exactly 2.7

What is the weighted average security clearance of said citizens?


In exactly 17 words, explain how this Performance Art will decrease treason, increase happiness, and sell more Bouncy Bubble Beverage.







 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 

Describe at least three sources of inspiration for the Performance Art in question.

Describe the Performance Art from the perspective of a Model IV Class B2 ScrubBot.


References: Compulsory_Consumer_Hour, Performance_Art, Xynonull

-- Err-U-DYT-9

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