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Rob MacDougall

Email: <rob AT SPAMFREE 20by20room DOT com>

You may remember Rob from his posts at The 20’ x 20’ Room, his geeky LiveJournal, or his sensational work on the history of the nineteenth-century telephone. He should really be finishing his PhD dissertation instead of wasting time here. His claim that he’s “researching the social construction of communication networks” will only hold water for so long.

Look out, Alpha Complex! Don-U-Don-11 is HPD & Mind Control's new Chief Assistant Neurocrat in Charge of Clone Programming, Re-Programming, and Sales. He loves the Computer, long walks by the Food Vats, Bouncy Bubble Olde Stocke Reserve, and interrogation subjects who aren't afraid to show their feelings. Sorry ladies, he's married... to experimental invasive neuro-programming techniques, that is!

Rob / Don-U's entries so far:


2013-06-13 14:00