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Maxiofacial Mandate

Ah, the Maxiofacial Mandate 6882seu/*^03iKKD-235. One of the most "moving" mandates of the cycle. So simple, even the dullest INFRARED could follow it. "Mutant Face - RAAR! Lost A Leg Face - Wwwww!" Stretching the facial muscles of all Citizens just in case they happened to be in a vid they could smile and show just how happy they were to be in the Complex! Certain Secret_Societies_Involved_In_the_Toothpaste_Disaster wanted nothing more than to ensure the unhappiness of the general Citizenry by refusing this entertaining and vital excercise. Not only that, but the oral movements cleaned off the remnants of VatSlime left over from the eveningcycle meals. There were notes in my files about some Superconductive_Solution_SIGMA being used to go around this purpose, but that was apparantly some clerks' hopeful means of being promoted.

Refs: Secret_Societies_Involved_In_the_Toothpaste_Disaster, VatSlime, Superconductive_Solution_SIGMA

-- Screwz-U-BAD-3

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