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Internal Security Order 3367/4-LAH

TO: All LAH Sector Squads
RE: Toothpaste Spills
SECURITY CLEARANCE: BLUE; For Eyes Only; Destroy Upon Receipt

All units are to stand down for the duration of this incident.  I repeat, no action is to be taken.
Independent contracting crews are scheduled to enter the sector to take any necessary steps.  
Some of these may appear irregular or unorthodox.  Ignore them -- they are specialized crews,
and their training is entirely appropriate for these circumstances.

That is all.

It appears I may have spoken slightly too soon in claiming Ging-I-VTS-5 had nothing to do with the Toothpaste_Disaster. I remain certain that she was in no way associated with the parties responsible. However, when reviewing her files after her untimely demise, I found this memo among a cluster of inter-sector coordination forms she was filing in order to speed the repairs and recovery of our fair sector.

Of particular note are the comments she'd appended to it -- most notably, "???", "no rcrd cntrctrs", and "illegal order?". Also appended was a "to-do" memo -- "research and report." And her most recently created file was the beginnings of an inquiry as to the identity of these Unidentified_Contractors.

Ging-I knew something -- something that she seems to have taken to her Reconstitution_and_Recycling. Her successor seems to know nothing of what her clone sister had learned about this incident. But just what she left as notes is disturbing enough.

She was looking into someone who would have the authority to order LAH sector BLUEs around, and who could classify their identity from them. Of course, it's entirely possible some traitors forged the order and its clearance headings -- Computer Phreaks, perhaps. But I simply find it very curious indeed, considering just how she met her untimely end.

A further investigation is almost certainly warranted. If only so that Ging-I's brave work and sacrifice not be in vain.

-- Ken-U-RON-6

I imagine if someone got wind of Ging-I's investigation-- someone involved with these Unidentified_Contractors-- they might take hasty steps to have her eliminated before she found out the truth.

I would who, in LAH Sector, would do such a thing. I might have to think as long as two seconds before an answer presents itself.

-- Knok-U-OUT-6

Ken, your feeble attempts to pin anything you can on me are disgusting in their crudity.

I'll remind you that I am a PLC Ultraviolet, not the ruler of Sector LAH. Unlike some of you who seem to have dispatched all of your rivals to make your own little fiefdoms, I am content to just control the going-ons of PLC in a dozen sectors instead. There are 7 other High Programmers with some form of control over Sector LAH, one for each Service Group.

Even with my vast amounts of charisma, I can't issue orders to the squads of Sector LAH any more than they can rely on a clone genome for marching steps. That is the domain of our security services. I also had no reason to issue an order like that. In fact, their apparent laziness caused me all sorts of trouble. If you take a look at some of the security footage from the disaster, you'll see me ordering my personal guards to "encourage" the squads to help protect PLC Warehouse #1827LH from one nasty spill.

There are only two Ultraviolets that could order Sector LAH squads around like that:

Nook-U-LER has a history of acting strange & erratic. I would suggest you begin your investigation with him. I've even contacted Huac-U-JEH, and he says he kept a few of these Unidentified_Contractors behind for further questioning "just in case". I just wish you had told me about your investigation into them sooner so I could properly prepare for their questioning.

Also, remember that I have no problem with questioning suspicious-looking IntSec agents as well, in case you're determined to keep up this petty vengeance of yours. I could see a High Programmer getting upset over one of their VIOLET_Supervisors turning traitor, but the rage you've shown about my investigation into Ging-I-VTS-5 makes me wonder what types of "favors" she did for you. I'm sure you're enjoying helping her train for her new positions.

-- Drake-U-LAH-1

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