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Early Warning System

It is widely thought that the reason for the Transbot crash-through leading to the Four_Reactor_Foam_Flood was due to a malfunctioning Early Warning System present in the Alternative_Troubleshooter_Team_Insertion_Conduit_(ATTIC) delivery modules. This system would normally have alerted relevant authorities that the load in the ATTIC was simply too much to bear, and as a result, it would crack under the strain.

After a careful investigation of various reports surrounding this incident, I've found that this assumption is mistaken. The Early Warning System, an audio siren attached to every entrance of the ATTIC system, was functioning perfectly, and indeed did sound when the Toothpasty_Supplement_#5 carrying transbot was put into the system. The fault lies in that the siren volume had been reduced to micro-audio levels, as the entry point of the transbot from sector COD had strict noise regulations enforced due to the nearness of COL and the High Programmer Resort complexes, as dictated by the Laws_of_Alpha_Complex_ed._39/B.3.9.

Clones present did not have any type of device to detect micro-audio levels of sound, and as such treasonously did not react properly to the warning sirens. I would also like to point out that Tech Services has always had a wide selection of micro-audio amplifiers available for a moderate price and in a variety of security clearances, and that I can personally testify to their effectiveness in picking up even the slightest whispers.

The failure, as always, lies with those clones present at the loading platform, and not Tech Services stellar workmanship.

-- Watt-U-GOT-9

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2013-06-13 13:53