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This experimental nanobot aerosol is one of the most advanced means of replacing clone teeth. Administered by Denta-Bots (and certain general practice docbots), as the name suggests, it consists of an aerosol spray contaning nanobots. For dental use, the nanobots are programmed to regenerate teeth and gum tissue. However, the nanobots are significantly more general than that, and can, in fact, be used to repair machinery, to recycle excess clones and clone waste for the food vats, and any number of other tasks. Still, their use is experimental. In particular, a few issues need to be resolved. Upon their creation, they are programmed by their fellow nanobots. They also have limited reproduction capabilities, so as to repair and recycle broken nanobots. The problem is that sometimes they lose their programming and reinitialize themselves from other nearby nanobots. This is, of course, by design, but it comes at a cost when nanobot colonies are inadvertantly mixed. As time goes on, one nanobot species may dominate the other, even if the contamination is minor.

This particular issue can be problematic when those nanobots used for microsurgury are mixed with, say, those used for the repair of reactor shielding. That particular combination was accidentally useful, however, as the test clone, SuxTo-B-YOU-6, had Reactor Shielding Duty, anyhow. However, it would be very unfortunate if that were to accidentally happen to one of my fellow High Programmers. Mixing the nanobots for, say, "Teela-O-MLY Brand Instant Costume Spray" with the nanobots intended to repair minor cuts and bruises, might have moderately embarrassing side effects.

In any event, the Dentagrip test program is widely considered a success, and barring treasonous sabotage, we hope that the R&D doctors in the MAD_Sector will soon approve the use of nanobots for all sorts of uses, rather than limiting them to experimental applications.

Refs: MAD_Sector

Note that one Splat-R-EDD from Paranoia Live contributed information on nanobot sprays for this entry.

-- Omega-U-MAN-5

I regret to announce that, due to a recursive paperwork sequencing error, all work in the field of nanotechnology has been temporarily suspended. Rest assured that we are working on the problem, and that this extremely unfortunate circumstance will be corrected as soon as possible. Naturally, this has absolutely no bearing on the recent release of Screwz-U-BAD-3's monograph, "How Nanobots Will Render PLC Obsolete."

-- Jan-U-ARY-31

Why Jan-U, how nice it is to see that HPD&MC isn't the only service group with creative interpretation skills. That was not the title of my monograph, and wasn't the point, either. The actual title, for the record, is "How Nanobots Will Reduce the Workload of Technical Services", and any rumors that the nanos coming out of BAD sector can completely create items from scratch are completely false. We would never dream of such a thing. The origionals will always come from PLC. Why, without that special service group, Alpha would have already been lost to the Commie menace. Our nanotech is purely designed to bring things that are damaged or sabotaged back to their origional state. It will even mean that PLC will be losing less and less items due to such careless handling as the yearcycles go by! This surplus could, in turn, mean victory for The Computer over Communism forever!

-- Screwz-U-BAD-3

That's really strange. I have a copy of the monograph right here, and it does say "How Nanobots Will Render PLC Obsolete." Nor do the contents match up with what you've described. Presumably someone, on your staff or mine, has been mucking about with the file. (Or possibly someone in R&D has been testing the Verbiage Transmogrifier again without prior notice or submission of the proper usage forms.) I'll ZipPaq you a copy of the mongraph I received, and we can both have a chat with our VIOLET_Supervisors to find the idiots responsible.

-- Jan-U-ARY-31

2013-06-13 13:53