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Case File: 324-1/C8-222

Submitting: Action_Squad_Alpha

Team Rating: A2++

Mission Goal: Identify and investigate supply shipments missing from TTT sector.

Report Data:
Investigation determined that PLC Chem Transports were being re-routed somewhere between TTH and TTT sectors.
Chem Transport vehicles uniformly were carrying highly sensitive Whitener Compounds.
Further investigation placed responsibility on a sub-group of Commie subversives making themselves known as the Arm & Hammer Group.
Loyalty Officer was selected for deep infiltration of said group.
Early investigations by Loyalty Officer revealed the group intended to "stop the decay of Alpha Complex".
Loyalty Officer terminated by valorous Team Leader after displaying unhealthy signs of commie sympathy by pointing out various sub-systems of Alpha Complex supposedly in decay.
Further evidence of treason demonstrated when Loyalty Officer was interviewed shortly before death in attached transcription.
Intelligence gathered before death pointed to subversive happenings in the COL sector.
Mission closed as a complete success - Arm & Hammer had been successfully infiltrated and information gathered.

Transcription Begins {{{TEAM LEADER: "What kind of decay were they talking about, friend?"

LOYALTY OFFICER: "Uhh.. I think things like.. well see over here,

HAPPINESS OFFICER: "I'm certain that's intentional friend. Just so that

LOYALTY OFFICER: "Oh come on.. it's eating a hole in the concrete."

ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! *gurgle* }}}Transcription Ends

-- Watt-U-GOT-9

Refs: COL_gate_incident, Whitener_Compounds


TTT sector is still having difficulty in receiving complete shipments. This whole incident shouldn't have happened in the first place, and if Costin had agreed to my first offer, I'm willing to bet it wouldn't have.

--- Watt

I notice that the report says nothing about recovering the shipments. Chem Transports don't just grow in vats, you know. And I shudder to think what Commies might do with those Whitener_Compounds! I expect someone to provide me with a full report on the disposition of all related PLC assets within the next daycycle.

-- Jan-U


2013-06-13 13:52